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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ruby On Rails 3 on Fedora 14

Fedora 14(Laughlin) and Rails 3

This post will just let you install only on version of rails on your Fedora 14 that is rails 3 but first we will install rails 2.3.8 from fedora repository. Keep in mind you will able to run only one version of Rails with this method and if you want to run multiple version or installtion than you need to follow on of my old post in which i have used RVM for manging different version of Ruby and also Rails.
Installing and setting up Rails 3 on Fedora 13 (Ruby on Rails 3 RC)

First Installing Ruby 1.8.7 with Rails 2.3.8

[ismail@localhost ~]$ sudo yum install rubygem-rails ruby-devel mysql-devel-y

Now you have running version rails 2.3.8 without mysql database support for rails

Adding mysql rails and ruby support

[ismail@localhost ~]$ sudo yum install ruby-mysql -y

Note: Now you can stop following if you don't want to install rails 3 on fedora 14

upgrading to Rails 3

[ismail@localhost ~]$ sudo gem install rails

If all went cool than you have running version of rails 3 on fedora 14 now create an application and run bundle install to test your installation

[ismail@localhost ~]$ rails new my_app -d mysql
[ismail@localhost ~]$ cd my_app
[ismail@localhost ~]$ bundle install

Have fun with Rails 3 on Fedora 14