How to set up ( Fedora php ruby on rails )

Saturday, August 8, 2009

How to set up ( Fedora php ruby on rails )

How to setup up fedora php ruby on rails

This blog is about post installation of fedora. This blog will help you about setting up audio and video on feodra operating system. Fedora is not shipped with audio video code that we use in our daily life. like avi , mpeg , wmv , wma and many others but now you can play every thing on feodra.

How to play audio video on fedora
Other thing that is here about development tools help like installing ruby on rails on fedora 10 and 11 . and other thing is after installation giving you choice of different servers. To setup fedora with apache will never be easy before now just few commands you can run rails application on apache server.

How to install ruby on rails on fedora

how to setup user directory or how to setup web server user home directory know as public_html.

How to setup apache server user home directory
Playing windows files on fedora now quite easy

How to play Windows media on fedora
one Thing else fedora have no SUDO configure by default and so its a great setting that you must have .
How to configure SUDO user on fedora

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